Owl Brows

I had a condition that used to effect me everyday of my life..OWL brows. What is this strange thing, you speak of Devs? Well, I will tell you. An owl brow is an eye brow that would normally seen on a feathered creature also known as an owl. If it were in a dictionary there would a picture of me in Year 9 wearing an obscure hat, with full focus on the owl brows…oh wait.


As you can see it is very unnerving.

However, as I got older I tried to find new ways to conceal this foreign object that happens to be on my face, for instance, plucking it all off seemed a viable option. Exhibit A..


I mean, there’s good and bad here. Good – no sign of owl brow in sight. Bad – I am missing 35% of eyebrow. All in all,  not a particularly flattering look, but it took me on the path to find a perfect brow. This is hella not spon BUT thank the lord for the Benefit Brow Bar, after years and years and years of searching, I have finally have something that has put my owl brows to rest. I can show my owls to the world without fear of judgement, with my eye brow expert saying, ‘Wow, that is a good brow.’

Fit Brows.jpg

RIP Owl Brow.


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