A Million Pricks…

Oh Hi..

Turns out it’s been a while since I last spoke to you. Don’t be alarmed! (Doubt that anyone I, but inflating my ego is a non-stop job)

Let’s have a story, find out about a little more about a girl named Becky. Why don’t we travel back in time to the very late 90’s, where the Spice Girls had lost Geri (forever in my heart #girlpower).

It was late summer, and my Mum, Sister and I was visiting my Aunt and Cousins in Greenwich BRAPP. My mum and aunt had dragged us lovely children along the high street where they came across a florist (yay, what every five year old wants and needs on a summers day!). Obviously, little miss sassy pants decided that this wasn’t really her thing and thought the best idea was to walk out of the florist and practice musical number outside, right by the main road.

Thus began.. CACTI GATE

What is cacti gate, you may ask? Well let me tell you what happened on this fateful day.

After a practically flawless routine, I lost my footing, and fell backwards, it felt like slow motion. Unluckily, I had something to catch my fall, crates of cacti. Imagine about five or so of those.Cacti Crate

Unfortunately, being the young girl that I was, I had no muscles in my legs to lift myself back up (still lacking in that department), so the only thing I could do was to proceed to turn onto my front, whilst still in the mist of the cacti crate.

When I finally managed to get up, I ran into the Florist. I called my Mum and Aunt, to which they told me to shut up! My Sister and Cousins began to laugh at me (nothing new there). At this point, my Mum and Aunt decided to turn around and saw the injured child before them. They finally apologised and carried me back to my Aunt’s for my de-pricking.

There we go, I brought you some laughs to you on this delightful Monday night. I won’t leave it so long next time..

Ciao for now,

Devs xo





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