Podcast..say what?!

Hello there,

You may know I like to post things on the regular basis and quite promptly too (or not as the case may be).

What’s this? A few weeks ago me and my friend Josie (Teefy Grins – go check her out) have made podcast. Finally you will be able to hear how beautiful my voice actually sounds.


This first episode is where you will find out all about us, and Josie’s love of popular Irish boyband member Ronan Keating.

So keep your ears open (see what I did there) for the second episode coming immanently – sorry for the lateness of this post! Regardless enjoy it!

Ciao for now,

Devs xo

P.S: Here’s some more cheeky pics of the stars of the podcast, so you can really see the visuals of our friendship…


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