I’m Becky, friends call me Devs, from London and this blog you will see the goings on in my brain.

General Thoughts

Well where else are they going to go? I could keep them to myself but where’s the fun in that!


‘Did you really put that there?’

I enjoy make up, whether I know a lot about it, we will find out together.


‘Isn’t that a top you wore when you 16?’

Possibly..maybe..if only it still fitted me! I digress, if I like it, I’ll wear it all at once. Lets laugh on three…


‘Have you applied for bake-off yet?’

Yes I was just as shocked as you. However, turns out one of my many skills and talents is baking. Sadly, you won’t be able to taste any, but at least you can see the pictures of them.

‘I want to send you something, advertise on your blog and invite you to my event’

Are you sure? Like really sure? If I think it’s relevant for the blog, I’d be happy to oblige. I love trying new things, reviews and giveways is something I could do, so lets chat! If you want to advertise on Simply Devs or take me somewhere fancy, please email me at simplydevsblog@gmail.com.