Hi all,

So guess what, I did a thing.

I’m a big fan anything festive. I also enjoy dabbling in PowerPoint transitions.

Welcome to the world of QUIZMAS!

What is this magical thing you speak of Devs? Don’t worry yourselves all will be revealed.

My glorious friend Josie told me in November that her parents were away the first week of December and she wanted to have a festive get together of our crew. (We are very “street” so we can say stuff like that okay!) As always, I was totally up for it, it’s always a good time at hers (the only complement she will ever get!), she then suggested that she should do some sort of festive quiz and thought of the name Quizmas(this will be only time in my life that I will admit Josie came up of the name Quizmas).

As the totally overbearing and controlling person that I am (hello, shocker there), I pleasantly begged Josie to do it. She allowed me to do it, most likely just to shut me up but I accepted the challenge.

I would like to make a point at this time and say that I was told of this information at the start of November. As soon as Josie said yes, I began planning the PowerPoint.

Throughout the month, I would send Josie various snap shots of slideshow (what a great friend I am!), each time she said she loved them, again probably to shut me up but my ego inflated further. A week before D Day, I had finished the Quizmas slideshow, a whole 48 slides and a lot more animations and transitions.

During my intensive PowerPointing month, Josie had been kind enough to get hold of a projector for me, so Quizmas became a fully immersive experience for all involved. Mainly me. I was so excited, I even made certificates.

Finally, QUIZMAS had arrived, I was beside myself. Josie and I arranged to meet early to get some supplies. Mainly to get prizes and props for my extra festive final round. We set up the room ready for the big event, and awaited the arrival of our guests.

What I found out, was not really a major shock but it happened. I will say with great power comes great responsibility. I let all this power go to my head. To prove this here is the questionable slide:

My friends thought I was joking, they came to figure out I wasn’t. Some might say I was demonic with the points. Flattery wins points. I’m not ashamed of that. My friends weren’t so keen, until they realised how the point system worked. I can categorically say, with the exception of one, my friends have never been nicer to me.

As the quiz went on, the points were increasing and it coming to close, the final round was fast approaching, I was finally able to reveal the best round possible to ever exist.


Wow Devs, what an amazing and genius idea you had.

Thanks, I know. It is. The players had to get into two teams and design a festive t-shirt, the one I liked the most won 10 points. After 10 minutes of creating masterpieces, the two teams were ready to parade their finish t-shirts. Each team chose their catwalk song, here is one of the attempts:

So there you have it, Quizmas 2017. Lets hope I still have friends next year that will allow me to do it all over again.


Apart from the slideshow screen shots they are mine and they don’t have their festive fonts. Soz.

See you later,

Devs xo