It’s been a while..

Let’s pretend like it’s the first time we’ve met..I mean it has been that long to be honest.

Hi, I’m Devs, nice to meet you.

You probably have a few questions, if you’re a regular, thats to the three of you supporting me.

Oi Devs, Where have you been? Probably something amazing, living the high life?

Haha..get a grip. I know I definitely seem the type, however I have been nowhere.

What have you been up to? Bet you’ve had so much fun!

Hahaha! What do you take me for? I have just been really, really really lazy busy. Like super busy. Mainly working or spending my Bank Holiday weekend watching the first series of Love Island on Netflix. #notspon (but please hit me up).

I would like to say that I will commit to some sort of schedule, but I’m not going to get anyones hopes up. What I will say is that, I will be active in trying to post more regularly. You’re welcome.

Soz for a super boring post. Here’s to better, more well thought out content.


Peace out, you goons.

Devs xoxo